M+H accumulates in his carrier an extensive experience with many projects of many typologies. Besides his many housing projects, also have commercial, industrial, and business buildings, such as administrative headquarters, court offices, a theatre or a music school.
In projectual terms, his experience also reaches many specific typologies, like the design of a touristic and sport complex in Benidorm, or actualization and checking of many of the plans for the National Museum net, in collaboration with a National Heritage Agency.
M+H have over 2.500 houses, built along 25 years, in more than 50 projects, endorsing the atelier experience in the specific field of the residential architecture. In the last years, as an answer to the global problem with the environment, M+H bets for the innovation in the bio-architecture field, as a safe value to achieve greats comfort solutions for the buildings.
M+H review and design a diverse group of housing typologies, big or small, social or private, to sell or to rent, etc.
Also incorporate new reviewed own typologies about mixed concepts, like the Patio-House, the solar chimney-staircase, the bioclimatic corridor, or the wall-garden.