M+H treats his projects like an integration problem between the required built space and the free plot place, and also with the public spaces around the square. M+H considers that the place belongs to a wide continuous environment, which is going to be transformed, preserving his actual values.
M+H considers as a primary mission, to temper and acclimatize the place through the design and gardening of the surroundings.
In moderate climates, the plantation of leafy-trees in the urban environment, protects from the excessive seasonal sun effects, and regulates the amount of energy than the building receives in his adverse orientations.
M+H incorporates in the treatment of the gardens, the use of local shrub plants, aromatics and well-acclimatizing species, which are seasonally complemented and which needs low water and low substrate, specially when those gardens are placed in top of roofs or over basements.
M+H advocates for the re-utilization of the rain water through the roof of the buildings to keep it inside cisterns. Those water reservoirs allow attending the irrigation needs of the building gardens. In single houses, M+H experiments with tri-separative water installations, where the grey-waters are re-used for the toilets.
M+H participates in contest based in landscape treatments and the restoration of degraded public spaces, while designing integrated green spaces and urban gardens.