M+H architects introduces since 1999 in his projects a façade construction system based on architectural precast concrete panels. More durability, less maintenance, industrial prefabrication and a quick mounting system are the most remarkable construction advantages.
M+H experiments through this works with different mouldings, abrasive finishing, patinas and concrete surface components. Textures and wood or steel appearances has been created. Nowadays, M+H investigate about the print capability on murals and façades.
M+H collaborates with specialized industries, experimenting with cementious materials for roof and façades, based on nanotechnology particles which have self-cleaning and depollutant properties. It causes organic and inorganic pollutant substances to decompose, made by photocatalysis.
M+H includes in the projects conditioned by a traditional ceramic façades, a system based on the exterior thermal isolation, making the building´s envelope a hermetic thermal barrier. Using this method, the thermal-bridges disappear, and the building´s global mass is recover as a thermal accumulator, by reversing in high comfort and economic values.
M+H uses to apply singular solutions that needs light weight and thickness by the use of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, which allow to diminish the total thickness of those precast panels over to 1 or 2 cm, always maintaining similar finishing and shapes as usual in traditional reinforced concrete.