With this concept, M+H wants to redefine his professional practices, from a new placement and awareness. Based in a high contextualization of the projects, they considered them as a transformed PLACE, to understand them like actions in the LANDSCAPE which affects the surrounding AREA.
Under the S-ART-EGIES term, M+H summarizes his landscape project proposal: his strategy to alliance the art and the common sense, to reference about simple, basic, elemental and logical concepts, the activities and needs of the subjects who can make the contemporary city and reality.
This integration strategy goes into the transversal thinking; the possibility to link concepts, indentifying new situations or events that permits new associations and links.


We have to be spectators rather than designers. Learn how to see and interpret what we discover has to be the first idea to establish a landscape relation. We find in this idea, that the recurrence to the Art world is an obligation, understanding this as a meaning expressed by Paul Klee in which he says that “the Art value is not in his possibility to show the visible, but in his capacity to make invisible the visible”.
This is why the Art works like a landscape searcher, like a searcher of what is there, but we did not find it yet.