M+H promotes the use of movable lattices in terraces and windows in her collective housing buildings, in other to attend the particular needs of each user, and also to give them the ability to singularized and to reflect the individuality of each house.
M+H usually works in his projects with a concern about the light permeability and sights of his movable and non-movable lattices, as elements with high energy-efficiency values.
M+H commonly uses non-movable lattices in collective and transit patios to regulate the sights between houses and public spaces. This use allows to transform the spaces in a typological way, giving them back the authentic public use for the general use of the building.
M+H generates many artistic elements basing in those lattices systems, which are a natural part of the façade. The primary function of those lattices is to hide domestic elements and objects which are usually placed in the façade without order in an anarchic manner, like domestic air-conditioning machines or clotheslines.