Inside of a new urban expansion, 26 single houses situated in the perimeter of the blocks,
sharing a collective parking and the domestic gardens and swiming pool. The unique caracteristic of each house appears twicely trough his volumetric answer and the composition of his program arround a patio, the only and autentic heart of the house. The envelope of the houses it is being
made by precast concrete panels with the internal termic isolation. The orientation of the houses, as like as the internal movements of the rooms arround the patio, improves the termic functions and reducing the supply of auxiliary energy. The holes are protected from the sunlight by extending the fronts or through horizontal slats to reduce solar input on the façades that receive more direct solar contribution.

YEAR 2003
tipology: casa patio
situation:C/ Eduardo Chillida, La Tenería. Pinto. Madrid
client and management: Inmobiliaria Egido
construction: Constructora de Pinto
surface: 9.200m2
budget: 4.0 M€
photografy: Ricardo Santonja