Ibiza Series by m+h
M+H Architects have developed this line of Mediterranean houses based on the traditional house in Ibiza, the 'Casament'.
It is a fully residential typology adapted to the natural environment of the island, supported by its continuos existence over the past 500 years, it has withstood time and changing lifestyles.
M + H Architects have reinterpreted its abstract image, fully transferable to the present day, rescuing what constitutes its essence:
1.Integration into the landscape, because of its adaptability to climate and topography
2.Program flexibility and ability to evolve and grow.
3.Great energy efficiency due to the orientation, shade porches, height, thick blind walls and natural crossed ventilation.
All of these aim to offer a personalized and unique project, tailored specifically to the client's needs and expectations, maximizing the scenic beauty of the location chosen.