The project comes as the natural outcome between two juxtaposed tensions, one internal relating to the size and structure of the program and another external in regard to cylindrical volume conditioned by campus management.
As in the toy, whose name serves as a motto, in the proposal, both premises find their correct coupling by the cylinder encapsulating the autonomous volumes which comprise the action carried inside the building.
Principle environment and energy.
As in the game, the "snow" is generated as atmosphere itself of the inside scene, in the inside of the enveloping cylinder the enveloping cylinder, passive acclimatization of the outside environment occurs so as the contained buildings to unfold in a buffered environment, thus minimizing these energy needs for cooling.
Considering the nature of the program and access restrictions, the building on the ground is broken into three functionally specialized polyhedral volumes. The first two correspond schematically courts and courtrooms, on each floor connected by a walkway to the judges while the third volume contains legal services and enforcement.
Detention areas occupy the second basement as they are linked to the access road through the tunnel.