The proposal VERDE QUE TE QUIERO VERDE (Green, how I love you green) for the management of Leisure Metropolitan Area of Las Graveras wants to be one of the milestones of the network of leisure and nature contained in the General Urban Plan (PGOU) aimed at recovery of the Natural and Cultural Heritage Seville environment.
GREEN HOW I LOVE YOU GREEN is a revaluation proposal of the Cultural Landscape in the surroundings of an old gravel pit, near San Jose de la Rinconada.
New proposals and alternatives for water-related recreation (artificial lake) are the offerings in this space longer used: + sport + entertainment + landscape + culture.
The gradient of humidity, the views of the landscape, terrain relief and the immediate environment (industrial estate, residential) have determined the layout and organization of uses. This proposal, in addition to their own relationship with the town of San Jose and Seville, which is essential for success, makes sustainability and easy maintenance one of its fundamental aspects. The proposed buildings are inserted in the landscape such as pavilions light and permeable, adapted to the favorable views and uneven terrain,
Leveraging the place and understanding of it.