There are three basic matters that support this proposal:
- Consistent urban integration of the projected volumes.
- Flexibility and adaptability as principle of personalization of housing.
- Rational construction economy, sustainable approach and maintenance.
We understand, moreover, that to achieve a special, representative and unique home, truly EXCLUSIVE, on top of a solid technical foundation, it demands a refined cultivation of sensibility. It is necessary to transcend from Architecture to Art. A continuous plastic concept in different scales of the intervention. An anhydrous “garden” that is born in the general distribution and moves vertically in the volumes, penetrating the buildings and arriving to the homes.
The buildings emerge from a technical and plastic double game. On one hand the volumes obey parameters of buildability, height, etc. on the other hand, the gaps arise from a "Oteizian" process of clearing of the total solid, designing permeabilities, transparencies, balances and generating visual infinites.